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We're very happy to announce that the very first Zvizzer BASIC polishing system class.  During which you will be taught to achieve flawless looking paint in a most effective way using Zvizzer polishing pads & polishes.  The cost of this class is 250,00EUR for which you will receive Zvizzer starter's polishing kit (value of 308,75EUR)with materials that you will be using during the class. 

206,61 €

During this class you will:

1. Learn the basics of car preparation for polishing and polishing itself using Zvizzer polishing system

2. Understand the system, learn how to choose the right products for each job in order to achieve the best results in most efficient way

3. Learn to use Dual-Action long-throw polishers (RUPES Mk2,Mille, iBrid etc). 

4. Get ton of knowledge by having loads of fun working on a car with others attending the class


You will always be accompanied by our professional trainers during the class to help you, guide you and answer your question in real time.


At the end of the class, if you shall succeed, you will receive the starting kit worht 308,75EUR, a certificate and you will become member of our family, therefore you will be able to purchase all of the products at a exceptional price.

Time: 30/11/2018 10:00 

Place: Partizanu str. 26, Kaunas, Lithuania

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