The Microfiber Cloth That Gives Your Car The Gentlest In-Depth Cleansing

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Who knew that the material that you wash your car with plays a major role in its shine and paint quality, right?

In case you doubt this, the best way to see that a cloth can actually make the difference to your car paint and prevent any scratches - is by testing out our all new AllNano Microfiber Cloth.

Unlike many cloths, our product is scientifically deigned and created to give the best cleansing to your car. It is fit to go inside the paint and deep clean it from dirt and moisture - but also prevent any scratches that are common when using cloths of different materials.

So, how does it work?

As soon as you rub your car with the Allnano Special Application Sponge, it is time to wash it and then let it dry for a bit. Once that process is over, the real magic of the AllNano Microfiber Cloth begins.

Designed and manufactured as the gentlest cloth out there, the AllNano Microfiber Cloth does not compromise quality over the soft material. In fact, the level of softness actually helps and makes the cleaning process more thorough - as tested in our laboratory and by many car owners on a daily basis.

Made of small micro fibers, it is suitable for any auto detailing service and does not leave any micro scratches to your car. You can also use it in home cleaning, window cleaning and all kitchen appliances. The fact that it is made of micro fibers, is soft and offers thorough cleaning makes it a great fit for any car make and model.

Now that  you know what you are getting in this revolutionary material, why not purchase the AllNano Microfiber Cloth today - by clicking on this link?


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