Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is The (Only) Way

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7 Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is The (Only) Way To Protect Your Car

Have you ever heard of ceramic coating for cars?

In a nutshell, it is one of the latest achievements in nanotechnology and a service that redefines the traditional car paint coating model. This technology has introduced us to a lot of benefits, however, is still out of the radar for some people.

Today, we are listing out all the benefits of ceramic coating for cars and how to choose the best service for your car.

So, What's So Great In Ceramic Paint Coating For Cars?

Basically, ceramic paint coating is the step forward the car industry needed for better protection and ultimately, greater value on investment.

That being said, ceramic paint coating for cars is a better alternative because it...

1. Gives Permanent Protection

First and foremost, you should understand that ceramic coating is not similar to paint protection as you know it. It is also nowhere near the traditional waxing or sealing types which are offered on the marketplace, but also ones which wash away or break down over time.

Thanks to ceramic coating, your car has a layer of permanent adhesion to the paint which can only be removed through abrasion, compared to the traditional coating which can be torn off by using different chemicals.

2. It Is 9H Hard On The Ceramic Coating Scale

Ceramic coating can be best measured on the Pencil test scale, where it scores above 9H - which is the highest level on the scale used in the coating industry to determine clear coats. In other words, the 9H means that ceramic coating always stays hard if applied and maintained correctly.

3. It Is 100% Chemical Resistant

Unlike waxing or traditional coating, ceramic coating has a 100% resistance against any chemicals or damaging containments and. What this means is that as long as your car is ceramic-coated, it will stay protected against any chemicals.

4. It is Oxidation And Corrosion Resistant

While the bare metal, which is the backbone of your car, tends to oxidize - painted surfaces do not. Ceramic coating for cars is once again a winner when it comes to oxidation and corrosion, protecting your car from any contact with water an oxygen.

5. It Is Temperature Resistant And UV Protective

The ceramic coating on your car won't be affected on any temperature under 760 Celsius degrees, protecting your car and its paint as on the day if was bought. On top of that, the coating is UV protective on its own which means that it blocks the sun from 'fading' the color away from your car and preventing the plastic from aging.

6. It Offers The Best Gloss & Shine

If you want to keep your car paint as shiny and glossy as on the day you bought your car (or applied the paint), there is no better alternative to choose than ceramic coating for cars. The ultimate protection your car will get from the ceramic coating layer is unmatchable by any other product on the marketplace - and is one that you need to see to believe.

7. Your Car Won't Attract As Much Dirt And Liquid As It Does Now

Another huge benefit that ceramic coating for vehicles brings to the scene is the hydrophobic protection. If you don't know what it refers to, it basically has everything to do with preventing water and dust from contacting the surface.

While it obviously cannot block liquid, dust or dirt from sticking to the car, ceramic coating offers protection that minimizes the amount of water and dust that attaches to the surface. This will make your car cleaner and flashier - even after a drive in the morning rain.

Finding A Good Ceramic Coating Dealer - And Why Is It Important

In reality, there are a lot of places where you can get nano ceramic paint coating for cars nowadays. You may also want to consider DIY ceramic coating - but later find out that it can ruin your car paint. So, the bottom line is to always find the most reliable ceramic coating car wax destination.

The truth is, professional ceramic coating work cannot be matched with any other. No matter how much knowledge and skill you think you have when it comes to applying it on your car, nanotechnology is a technology that uses certain and unique equipment to deliver the best results. That being said, your car's ceramic coating protection is only as good as the auto ceramic coating service you choose.


It took many years for scientists, researchers and dealers to embrace the benefit of nanotechnology and offer it as a premium car protection service. All of the products and services within the ceramic coating range have been tested and certified for their excellence - but also used by many satisfied and returning customers.

In the end, there is one thing you should remember - once you choose the best ceramic paint coating service for your car - you won't go back to any traditional model.

At AllNano, we pride ourselves in being Lithuania's one-stop destination for premium auto ceramic coating and among the few top-quality ceramic dealers in Europe. We specialize in ceramic coating as well as a variety of other services that ensure your car is protected, safe and sound.

If you are interested and want to know more about ceramic coating for cars, check out our services or contact us to schedule your coating


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