Is Allnano Ceramic Coating The Best Choice To Prevent Swirls On The Car Body?

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Is Ceramic Coating The Best Choice To Prevent Swirls On The Car Body?

We've all been there - seeing the swirls on our car body and hoping for a better future. Swirls just happen, sometimes when washing the car and other times because of weather conditions. Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, have become a massive trend in the car detailing industry because of their effectiveness in protecting the car's paint and giving it permanent protection.

But aside from the glow and glitter, does ceramic coating prevent scratches and swirls?

The answer is maybe.

Simply put, the hardness of the ceramic coating definitely protects the car to some extent, but not to one that will prevent scratches from happening. There is definitely no evidence that the coating hardness plays a role in the scratch resistance of the car. In fact, the elasticity of the coating and its cross-link density are the factors that do play this scratch resistant role.

Surface Energy vs. Surface Tension & How Ceramic Coating Prevents One Of Them

What actually causes the scratches and swirls is the surface energy vs. surface tension both building up on the car's body. However, with ceramic car coating the surface energy of the car is lower and makes the coating protect the car in a better way.

Still, being hydrophobic does not make ceramic coating a permanent solution to a scratch-free car, but only adds an extra layer of protection. For example, it helps more against the dust, dirt, salt and road grime - but doesn't help against other issues or human force.

Additionally, ceramic coating is the best choice to go for if you want to prevent swirls on your car done from washing. This issue has always been there and is one that bothers a lot of car owners. Thanks to the nanotechnology and ceramic car coating, however, it was found that even aggressive washing cannot cause swirls and scratches.

So, How Does Coating Protect Your Car?

Simply put, ceramic coating is the best choice to go for - mainly because of two factors.

The first factor is the easier cleaning of the surface and the less retention of dirt when compared to the traditional wax method. Here, the ceramic coating outperforms the wax and ensures maximum protection on the surface.

Also, a coating can build very durable thickness, which provides protection against elements and abuse . At a size of only a few microns (1-3), ceramic coating can remove the previous coats and improve the appearance of any vehicle - while giving it the gloss and glitter it deserves.

Are you ready to give your car a facelift - thanks to ceramic coating? If yes, contact us and book your coating service now!


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