Allnano Leather coating. Ultimate Car Leather Protection With Our Protective Coating

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Ultimate Car Leather Protection With Our Protective Coating

Since it was invented, nanotechnology has helped a lot of aspects in car care and maintenance. Aside from the standard car detailing function, it offers other enormous benefits - including leather and textile protection on the car interiors.

The ceramic leather protection is a particularly interesting topic, coming from the fact that cars with leather interior are more delicate and prone to UV damage and damaging chemicals as well as the rips and scratches on the leather which are a massive issue.

How Does Ceramic Leather Protection Work?

Basically, the ceramic leather coatings for car interiors work with any make and model. The technology is transparent and colorless and does not impact the leather besides protecting it. In fact, you cannot notice a coated leather interior - but investing in one will make you notice that there are no scratches, rips and UV damage done to your leather.

Basically, leather coating for car interiors features a super hydrophobic effect making any water or chemicals roll off instead of soaking into the leather. In the same time, this effect also prevents the strong rays from the sun to damage and make the car interior fade. 

Thanks to ceramic leather coatings, you can enjoy 100% protection against any weather conditions, harmful liquids or other risks on your car's leather interior. Your interior will be cleaner, better looking and look as on the day you bought the car from the saloon.

Is There Any Textile Leather Protection?

If your car interior is made of textile, there is also a textile coating alternative to choose. Once again, the super hydrophobic technology can protect your car against the damaging chemicals, liquid spills and UV damage.

Aside from leather, textile is a material that also fades from the harmful UV rays. Not to mention how bad chemicals and liquid spills can affect it, leaving beads on the textile. The ceramic textile protection will make sure to make the most of your fabric and protect it from all its enemies listed above.


You can finally make liquids roll on top of your fibers, whether you have a textile or leather car interior. Thanks to our textile and leather ceramic coating protection, your car will be protected on the inside - just as it is on the outside.

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