AllNano Dry Shoes: A Miracle Product for Footwear

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Looking for a high-quality product to protect your footwear? Look no further as Nano Dry Shoes is the best product on the market with ultimate features for textile surfaces, suede, and suede leather! 

About Nano Dry Shoes

Nano Dry Shoes is a footwear protective product. It works like a shield formed of nanoparticles, but unlike the other products for footwear protection, Nano Dry Shoes is absorbent and enables the fabric to breathe (99.3% breathable, hydrophobic, and oleophobic).

In a case of direct contact with water, snow, or dirt, the footwear surface contains drops that run down from the surface and make the surface completely dry. The product provides superior resistance to water, oil, dirt, salt, snow, and etc.

How to Apply

Nano Dry Shoes spray is specially designed to be invisible and applicable to almost all textile fibers including both natural and synthetic. Even though this product is high-quality and efficient, it is recommendable to test it on small areas of the material in order to ensure it is suitable for your type of footwear. Once you’ve determined that the spray is suitable, you can continue with a full application.

When applying Nano Dry Shoes, the surface of your shoes must be completely dry, clean, and non-greasy. Take the product and spray it on the shoes. Once the shoes dried out (it usually takes about 24 hours for the shoes to dry out) you are ready to wear them without worrying about the dirt, mud, and dust outside.

Hundreds and hundreds of users are satisfied and happy with the results. Don’t forget to test the spray first on a small area and once dry, apply it on the whole shoe.

The durability of the product is up to 2 years.

How to Clean Your Footwear Once you’ve applied the Spay

Once you’ve applied the spray, it is recommendable to clean your footwear with water. You can use clean water and brush in order to remove any residue on the footwear. Also, it is recommendable to use a wet cloth instead if wipes to clean the soles.

What is The Difference between Other Footwear Protection Sprays and Nano Dry Shoes?

Most footwear protection sprays can last up to three-four weeks. But not Nano Dry Shoes. Nano Dry Shoes uses a special nanotechnology that sticks with fibers on the footwear, resulting in years of protection.

The formula or this product is non-aerosol, eco-friendly, non-flammable, and non-toxic, which cannot be said about the other protective sprays. Most of the sprays raise awareness on damaging health effects and solvent abuse, making them unreliable to use. When using Nano spray, there are no health risks.

A Final Word

Nano Dry Shoes is permanent, 100% breathable, and eco-friendly footwear spray. It will help you provide the best protection for your shoes.

Besides this footwear spray, we can offer you products for your home, house façade, clothes, and vehicles. All of our products are made of free Silicon Dioxide – SiO2. SiO2 is completely harmless and non-toxic. It is eco-friendly and carries no allergic warnings.

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