Allnano Ceramic Coat PRO ''Total Gloss"

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Ceramic Coat Pro Total Gloss: The New Standard in Automotive Care

Deciding to have your car coated with a nano ceramic coating is money well spent, especially if you choose to try the Ceramic Coat Pro Total Gloss.

What is Nano Ceramic Coating and What Does it Do?

Nano ceramic coating is considered to be one of the best ways to preserve and protect your vehicle. The nano ceramic coating creates a ceramic layer of adjusted nanoparticles that stick to the surface of the paint.

When looking at the molecular level, the nano ceramic coating fills in the absorbent spaces in the external space of the paint on the surface of the car. The end result is that the appearance of the paint takes on a rich brightness and glossiness, which is preserved and protected for many years to come.

About Ceramic Coat PRO Total Gloss

One of the latest products on the market is Ceramic Coat PRO “Total Gloss”. With a molecular ceramic 3D structure of the highest quality, it is a superior paint protection product that owes a 9H hardness test against all dangerous and severe environmental effects.

The 9H hardness test is an indicator that demonstrates the best protection coverings capacity.

This product is an exclusive method that helps achieve a thick coating (the Ceramic Coat Pro Total Gloss is about 800 microns thick) which protects your vehicle from acid rain, road salt and tar, scratches, bird droppings, UV lights, and etc.

Vehicle surfaces which are coated with this unique technology will also obtain highly hydrophobic surface features that will allow you to clean your vehicle simpler.

Ceramic Coat PRO Total Gloss is an excellent solution for your vehicle. It creates an extremely effective protection and your vehicle will stay polished and bright when coated.

How to Apply

The first step when applying the Ceramic Coat PRO Total Gloss is preparing the surface. It is highly recommendable to wash the vehicle first and then apply clay bar(use Allnano Clay Spray). Polish the surface with suitable compounds and instruments and then use silicon-removing cleaners(Allnano IPA paint prepare) . Ensure the car is fully dry before you start coating the surface.

Before you start coating the surface, make sure the surface in unheated and out of direct sunlight. Take the Ceramic Coat PRO Total Gloss and soak the application pad with the coating (shake the bottle a few times and press the pad into the neck hole of the bottle and turn the bottle with the pad on backward). Repeat this process 4-5 times.

Apply the coating by cleaning the soaked part of the pad onto the vehicle surface. After coating, wipe down the surface with a microfiber buffing towel in order to achieve the wanted results.

Please wear special nitrile gloves during this procedure. 

How important is 9H Hardness when Choosing a Ceramic Coating

9H hardness is a valuation indicator on the Pencil Hardness Test. It is usually used by producers of surface coatings. The test is used to establish the level of scratch resistance of the coating surface. During the Pencil Hardness Test are used various pencils in order to scratch the coating surface and estimate the scratch resistance in correlation to the hardness of the pencils and other materials of identical hardness. 

A Final Word

All of our products can be useful at home. Besides Ceramic Coat Pro Total Gloss we can provide you with high-quality home cleaning products.

The SiO2 coating is non-toxic and harmless for the environment because of its molecules. So, if you decide to use our product for home cleaning you could get rid of the harmful chemicals and make your environment more ecologically and healthy. More about nano products for home: .


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