AllNano Glasshield (30ml)


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Carcare Glasshield  protects the glass from water, mud, snow, instects etc. ALLNano Carcare Glasshield creates invisible shield from external factors. While driving at 60km/h and more, water drops roll away.

Set includes:

  • Carcare Glasshield (30ml)
  • Nano Cleaner (60ml)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Disposable gloves
  • Non woven fabric cloth
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Carcare Glasshield Protects the glass from water, mud, snow, insects etc. ALLNano Carcare Glasshield creates invisible shield from external factors. The quality of driving during bad weather conditions becomes perfect. Easyclean functions diminish the expenses spent on car cleanliness maintenance. While driving at around 60km/h or more, window wipers are not necessary anymore since invisible shield hydrophobic features creates lotus effect which rejects water from any surface.


Surface must be clean and dry; this can be done by applying Nano Cleaner. Clean the glass with Nano Cleaner then make sure that it is clean and dry. Apply Glasshield by using non-woven fabric cloth. By vertical movements cover the whole glass area and immediately clean the excess by using micro-cloth. It is recommended to apply by stage, every square meter. After few minutes the surface becomes water resistant, however, Easyclean function, hydrophobic features and resistance to chemical materials comes into effect only after 24 hours. Output: 5-10ml per square meter (4 cars). Do not apply in lower than +2°C temperature.


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