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Ceramic Coat PRO “Total Gloss” is an ultimate paint protection system against all negative environmental effects. Its unique technology helps achieve a thick coating, which protects Your car from bird droppings, acid rains, UV lights.

Durability from up to 5 years.

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5 15% Up to 49,25 €
10 25% Up to 164,15 €
30 40% Up to 787,93 €

Set includes:

1. Carcare Ceramic Coat PRO

2. 2x micro cloth

3. Disposable gloves

4. Special application sponge

Ceramic Coat PRO “Total Gloss”  is an ultimate paint protection system against all negative environmental effects. Its unique technology helps achieve a thick coating, which protects Your car from bird droppings, acid rains, UV lights. Surfaces, coated with Ceramic Coat PRO will also inherit highly hydrophobic surface properties, which will enable You to clean Your car easily and with less time and energy. Your car will stay more clean and shiny when coated. 

AREAS OF APPLICATION: Cars, boats and any other type of transport vehicles (Trains, aircraft, motorcycles etc.), with painted surfaces, lacquered body and lights (headlights, taillights, fog lights etc.), black plastic trim surfaces. Coating is not suitable for chrome, painted plastic parts without lacquer. Freshly painted parts can be coated, but no earlier than after 2 months of painting. This product is applicable to all lacquered painted plastic surfaces.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (Read before starting the coating process):

  1.        Preparation of the surface

Prepare the surface properly prior coating. It is advised to fully wash the car, apply clay bar, polish with appropriate and required cutting compounds and machines, use silicon-removing cleaners, wash car again and dry the car until it’s fully dry. Ensure that there’s no risk of water dripping onto partly cured coating. It is recommended to use a strong air stream to blow any excess water from trim areas. If water does drip onto partially cured coating, we recommend re-polishing the affected area and reapplying the Ceramic Coat PRO. Surface, prepared for application, must be dry and free of any dirt, water and detergent residues.

  1.        Coating of the surface

Make sure that the surface You’re working on is unheated and out of direct sunlight. Application temperature must be from +5 to +25 °C. Wear nitrile gloves when applying this product. Shake the bottle a few times gently and open the lid. Soak the application pad with the coating (by pressing the pad to the bottle neck hole and while pressing turn the bottle with the pad upside down) as shown in application video. Repeat the soaking 4-5 times. Now apply the coating by rinsing the soaked part of the application pad onto the surface – make sure to cover every area and avoid leaving uncovered spots. Coating should be done on separate body part at one time, one application pad should coat about 1 m2 in approx. 75 seconds. After coating, take one microfiber buffing cloth and immediately wipe down the coated surface. After that, take the second microfiber buffing cloth and wipe the surface again so that the unabsorbed coating would be removed – both sides of microfiber cloths should be used to achieve best results. Please take note that Ceramic Coat PRO “Total Gloss”    starts hardening rapidly and without cleaning the excess with microfiber cloth might leave visible swirl marks or stains on the surface. If that happens, You can remove the marks and stains with cutting compound or wet sanding paper with 2000 grit. If the temperature of application is higher than +25°C and humidity is higher than 50%, apply the product in areas no bigger than 50x50 cm. After You coat the whole surface, allow it to cure for initial 24 hours by protecting from abrasion, water and other chemicals. Coating will totally cure and achieve its toughness in 48 hours. Microfiber cloths, used for coating, can’t be used on sensitive surfaces like car body after the application. We strongly recommend You to watch the full application video on our website carefully to prevent any lack of information or misinterpretations.

Approximate consumption guide for cars:

Small automobiles (class A-B)

25-30 ml/car

Medium automobiles (class C-D)

30-35 ml/car

Large automobiles (class E,SUV)

35-40 ml/car

Total Gloss

Allnano Ceramic coat Total gloss application instruction

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