AllNano Carcare Ceramic Coat PRO(40ml)

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Ceramic Coat PRO is an ultimate paint protection system against all negative environmental effects. Its unique technology helps achieve a thick coating, which protects Your car from bird droppings, acid rains, UV lights.

Durability from 1 up to 3 years.

Mirror effect guarantee

QuantityDiscountYou Save
5 15% 30,99 €
10 25% 103,29 €
30 40% 495,77 €

41,31 €

QuantityDiscountYou Save
5 15% Up to 30,99 €
10 25% Up to 103,29 €
30 40% Up to 495,77 €

Set includes:

  • Ceramic Coat PRO
  • 2x Microcloth
  • Special applicationt sponge
  • Disposable gloves

Product Description

Surfaces, coated with Ceramic Coat PRO will also inherit highly hydrophobic surface properties, which will enable you to clean your car easily and with less time and energy. Your car will stay more clean and shiny when coated with Ceramic Coat PRO.


Cars, boats and any other type of transport vehicles (Trains, aircraft, motorcycles etc.), with painted surfaces, lacquered body and lights (headlights, taillights, fog lights etc.), black plastic trim surfaces. Coating is not suitable for chrome, painted plastic parts without lacquer. Freshly painted parts can be coated, but no earlier than after 2 months of painting. This product is applicable to all lacquered painted plastic surfaces.

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