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Microfiber cloth- high quality microfiber cloth suitable for auto detailing service, doesn't leave micro scratches. Also useful in home cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen and etc. 40cm x 40cm  350 GSM  100% micro-fiber (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)

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AllNano Leather Pro is a product that protects leather surfaces. It is more effective than other products of leather protection due to creation of resistant surfaces (scratches etc.). The colour of the leather becomes rich, resistant of UV lights, dirtiness, fading.

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This product created to protect textile surfaces. It makes the surface incredibly resistant to water, oily liquids, also to all other dirt such as- wine, coffee, mud etc.

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Nano Homeshine Glass&Ceramics (80ml) – Forget hard scrubbing! This agent will cover the kitchen and bathroom surfaces with invisible coating that will retain the glow and allow you to enjoy the cleanliness and easy cleaning every time.

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This is a tool that can easily remove a surface dirt, grease stains, baked-on food, various liquids and etc. Especially suited for kitchen tabletops, tables, stainless steel surfaces (gas-stoves, water taps, sinks, fridges and etc.).

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AllNano Textile&Leather AllNano Homeshine Glass&Ceramics Micro-cloth Disposable gloves Non-woven fabric cloth for coating

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AllNano textile&leather AllNano Homeshine Glass&Ceramics Allnano Homeshine Kitchen&Stainless Steel Micro-cloth Disposable gloves Non-woven fabric cloth for coating

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